The Prince of Persia, set to be released on May 28th, 2010 which is Memorial Day Weekend, will feature some of the well known names in Hollywood including Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Kingsley, and Gemma Arteton. This game to movie adaptation has quite the hype surrounding it with action to be expected at every twist and turn in the story that will come to a big screen near you or if youre a more patient individual and prefer to watch movies online, you can view the action there.

Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Walt Disney Pictures, the team that brought Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy to the screen, work together to bring this hit story to the big screen. The film has been directed by Mike Newell who was the director of the hit Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the screenplay is created by Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard. With these big names involved in the film, the results promise to be just as exciting if not more as what they have previously put out there on screen.

The basic gist of the story line is that the prince pla[censored] by Jake joins forces with a princess pla[censored] by Gemma to fight against dark forces in order to protect a dagger which has the possibility to release the sands of time which was a gift from the gods. The Sands of Time is able to reverse time and allows its owner to rule the world.

The previews have been short but what they reveal leaves you wanting to see and know more. Every scene is filled with vibrant color and action sequences that are hard to rival. Exotic locations are used to add to the feel and enhance the set.

The plot is not going to follow the story literally but will be very close to its original work which may disappoint some fans but leaves a lot of room for creativity and adjustment on the part of the directors and the rest of the team bringing this hit to the big screen. You can go directly from playing the game to watch movies online including this hit.

There is a lot of room for ideas to be expressed and expectations to be increased as the date grows closer to its big release. The creator Jordan Mechner assisted the film and has been a part of the Prince of Persia World since 2004. He, of course, has been given the power to dictate what goes into the script and what is left out. All changes must be approved by him and all rewrites are in his hands as well. Some aspects of the 2008 game were pushed and ultimately rejected for the film but many hope that a trilogy may be a possibility to expand on the story if this movie is as big of a success as they are hoping for.

Critics hope that the video game to movie curse will end with this one but not all sights are hopeful and perhaps if this film is as successful as it looks to be, the other two will follow with the same flair and creativity that this one offered. However, only time will tell so mark your calendars for May 28th, 2010.

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