TRACK 1: EXECUTIVE, "Scale Storage, Manage Costs"

C-level technology executives not only need to know the status of their current operations but meticulously plan for the future. Our "Executive track" sessions give these technologists an idea of where their storage should be and ideas on where it's headed. Sessions also key on ways to integrate new technologies, processes and ideas without going over budget. Downloads included in this track:(click title to download slides)

Five Innovations Impacting Storage

Speaker: Arun Taneja, Taneja Group

Description: Never in the history of IT has storage gone through the kind and extent of change as it is today. It appears that every aspect of storage, including how data is protected, how it is archived, how files are managed, how remote offices are integrated seamlessly into the data center, even how basic storage boxes are architected and managed, is undergoing sea change. Covered in this keynote session with Arun Taneja are the most important trends in storage that you must understand (and understand well) if you are to architect the next generation data center.

For more information: Storage predictions for 2006 and beyond

Enterprise IT Virtualization -- Eliminating Infrastructure Barriers

Speakers: Steve Duplessie, Enterprise Strategy Group

Description: The merits of a virtual environment are aplenty. Fewer machines to manage, centralized repository of data and economies of scale are just a few of the benefits of a virtualized storage environment. But, are the products ready for prime time? Is there any bite to the vendor and industry hype surrounding virtualization? In this keynote session, senior analyst and founder of the Enterprise Strategy Group Steve Duplessie help bust through the virtualization FUD and gives you a clearer picture of where storage virtualization stands.

For more information: Storage virtualization soothes utilization, management pains

Soaking Up the Data Deluge: Reigning in Explosive Data Growth

Speaker: Mark Diamond, Contoural, Inc.

Description:Companies are being hammered by explosive data growth rates. Storage professionals face the challenge of managing more and more data with the same staff resources and a flat or shrinking budget. The daily work of managing this deluge of data is often crowding out other important IT initiatives. This talk highlights the activities and approaches that have proven most effective and will also identify the seemingly sensible approaches that typically fail to deliver the promised results in controlling the data explosion.

For more information: Hospital: Storage capacity planning 'very difficult'

Passing the Storage Bar: Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Landscape

Speaker: Michael Clark, EDDix LLC

Description: In this session, Michael A. Clark discusses the need for converged storage and data-mining strategies and solutions. In the context of multiple data stores in a multi-vendor environment, he explores the implications for the end-game -- federated search and retrieval from a corporate document discovery console -- with take-aways that may change the way you think about projects on this year's to-do list.

For more information: Consider compliance when choosing storage products

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