Outsourcing web programming projects is quite popular among companies in the U.S. and European nations. The remuneration of a Russian or Indian developer is much lesser than that of their counterparts in the U.S. Professionals from south east Asian countries are more specialized, flexible, and knowledgeable about customized development.

Software and internet technologies have witnessed a lot of advancement since the 1990s. Today, internet is part and parcel of our lives. PCs, applications, and software are used by one and all. Every industry uses IT support now.

Development of websites and software is now popular, and that's why programmers are paid well. With growing popularity, it was realized that web programming professionals from south east Asian countries, Russia and Ukraine are equally talented as their counterparts in the U.S. This is one reason American development firms started outsourcing projects to these countries.

In this article, we will carry forward the discussion as to why outsourcing is so popular.

Benefits to Programmers

More and more candidates are choosing web development as their career. That's because they are entitled to a fat and lucrative package that is much higher than the average salary of their country. Developers from India and Russia feel more motivated, and give their best. Those who are proficient in custom programming enjoy even greater allowances and perks.

Those developers having more industry experience hire less experienced programmers to deliver large projects to US firms. More experienced professionals get an opportunity to earn handsomely, while freshers or less experienced candidates gain valuable experience.

However, companies in the United States do exercise some caution while hiring Russian programmers. That's because there are several scammers in Russia. This way south eastern nations are more safer. Even if a company is hiring someone from Russia, the developer's portfolio and reputation should be meticulously checked.

More Cost Effective for Employers

European and American companies outsource development projects for one primary reason. It is quality work at cost effective rates. A programmer from India or Russia will definitely charge less than one sitting in the United States. It's the same talent at lesser remuneration. Therefore, clients from the U.S. prefer to invest $ 5000 dollars on an outsourced project rather than spending $12000 by hiring US programmers.

Next professionals from developing nations are more flexible in their approach. They work harder, and work beyond normal working hours to deliver projects in time. Some of them are real crazy about programming that they don't mind coding for longer hours. Yes, they work on a 24/7 basis.

There is also no need for these developers to work onsite. That's because, with a laptop and 24/7 internet access, they can work from the comfort of their offshore office. Thus, American firms save more by investing less. They also save on tax as they don't need to hire several employees.

More Expertise

Professionals from Russia or India are highly educated. They have better exposure in terms of specialized education, and developing customized e-commerce solutions. They are also adept in PHP programming, Java programming, and custom software development.

They also possess excellent oral and written communication skills in English for better interaction with U.S. clients. The talent pool is also huge compared to the United States. This is because more and more candidates are getting educated and trained in web and software development.

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