There is almost never a bad time to do some business card printing for some business cards, but it is true that there are actually some special occasions that people can take advantage of in order to make some high quality prints for their customers. The printing business, after all, is just like any other industry out there and also has its fair share of celebration and highlights throughout a single year. Thus, while some of these occasions are pretty obvious and normal, it is still good to list them out so that you would be able to plan what you are going to do for these special occasions and how you are going to make the most out of them. Here are some occasions and ideas for you to consider.

Company Anniversary. This is one occasion that is different for every business and is always a special time of the year. Especially during significant anniversaries like the 10th, 25th, 50th, and other such times, you are most likely going to order out big batches of full color custom posters, invitations, flyers, and other types of commercial printing products. Most likely, you are going to implement some special promotions and offers for this special event and if you plan well, you can time your promotions and publicity print schedule in order to coincide with the preparations for your company anniversary. One disadvantage to this special occasion, though, is that afterwards you can no longer reuse your prints and you can only recycle them since they would not be relevant in the future anymore.

Holidays. Having just come from the celebrations of Christmas, the New Year, and any other holidays that people celebrate, many businesses probably have some leftover prints from the holidays that remain unused. Christmas and the New Years are not the only holidays and you can add all the other regular holidays into this category as well, which means that every time one of these days approaches, you are free to make full use of the hype in order to do some marketing and publicity of your own. This gives you an opportunity to make use of themed design templates and printing designs that you would be able to reuse in succeeding years as long as you do your designing well.

Owner’s Birthday. If we are going to be talking about some occasions that are not usually merged with business, this includes a business owner’s birthday. Once in a while businesses and stores will offer some special discounts and promos just because the owner is turning a year older, and there is really nothing wrong with using some cards printing, high quality business cards, or even some posters in order to publicize this event. The boss can do whatever he wants, after all.

It will be a long and arduous task to list down each and every special day which you could take advantage of regarding your business cards and business card printing. In the end, though, it is really up to you to decide how you will go about your business and when you want to do your commercial printing and publicity.

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